Administrative and labour law cases

Keyword(s): environmental impact assessment, reclassification of an airport, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): leveraged buy-out, reduction of pre-tax profit
Keyword(s): prohibition of unfair commercial practices
Keyword(s): VAT exemption for an intra-Community supply of goods, VAT Directive
Keyword(s): termination of a contract for the supply of produces, VAT Directive, reduction of taxable income
Keyword(s): intra-Community acquisition of goods, VAT Directive, VAT return, right to tax deductions
Keyword(s): agricultural state aid, de minimis aid ceiling
Keyword(s): groups of companies involved in a prohibited cartel agreement in respect of State Railways tenders, European Union competition rules, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): refugee and stateless status, certificate granting temporary residence, permit for lawful residence
Keyword(s): modification of a permission of use with retroactive effect, violation of the provisions of the Community Customs Code