Communication concerning the Plenary Session of the Curia held on the fifth of January 2012

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5 January 2012

In his solemn address to the members of the Plenary Session, dr. Péter DARÁK, President of the Curia of Hungary as of the first of January 2012, focused on the future tasks of the Curia as laid down in the Fundamental Law of Hungary, the newly adopted Hungarian Constitutional Act. The President particularly emphasized the importance of ensuring the uniform interpretation and application of national law, and he considered and analyzed the possible tools for guaranteeing the above uniformity. He expressed his gratitude to the former leaders of the Supreme Court of Hungary for providing a firm foundation for the Curia, thus enabling it to cope with its newly stipulated tasks. In addition, the President set the objective of maintaining and developing favorable conditions for high quality work within the judiciary, possibly resulting in an enhanced public confidence in the judicial system.

Following the President’s solemn speech, dr. Tünde HANDÓ, President of the National Judicial Office and dr. András Zs. VARGA, Deputy of the Prosecutor General greeted the members of the Plenary Session.

In their role as professional court leaders of the Curia, dr. István KÓNYA, Head of the Criminal Department, dr. György KOZMA, Head of the recently unified Administrative and Labor Department and dr. György WELLMANN, Head of the Civil Department expressed their ideas on the possibilities of renewing the methods by which the Supreme Court had ensured the uniform interpretation of law. The court leaders hoped that even with their additional tasks created by legislative changes, the Departments will be able to ensure, in a more efficient manner, the high quality, timeliness, transparency and uniformity of the work of the Curia justices.

Budapest, the fifth of January 2012

Press Office of the Curia of Hungary